on learning from travel…

What I’ve learned from traveling in no particular order….

1. People everywhere are mostly great hearted!

2. The more I travel, the less I shop and the more it’s become about FOOD!!! Literally brought home not a single souvenir other then pictures (a LOT of them being pictures of FOOD!!!). Hahaha!

2. American men need to work on our peeing skills because public men’s rooms in almost every other country I’ve been to are so much less gross than men’s rooms in the U.S. What is up with that?!?!? Let’s all aim, gentlemen!

3. Travel with a bag of prunes in your rolly bag because … fiber!

4. The world is small, but the world is also vast.

5. I love things on rails. For sure there is a small part of me that supports rail in Honolulu because of my childhood love of trains, but I think it’s more that I’ve continually seen how much good, good public transit systems add to the life of cities I’ve visited–Rome, London, Budapest, New York, Paris, Portland…


6. Broadband in most of Europe makes broadband in the U.S. feel sad…

7. No matter how long I’m on the road, if it’s longer than a week, the day before I get home, all I want is to be in my own bed…

8. Unplugging or rethinking my 24-hr news addiction is imperative for my mental health. Stepping away from the toxicity of the US news market has made me a much happier being. I need to know the big picture. The minute-by-minute, blow-by-blow accounts of every tweet and utterance is unhealthy for a person like myself…

9. When taking long flights, the “dad jean” is the cut of choice.

10. Overhead rain shower heads look luxe on TV, but I don’t like them. The water drips down your face making it really hard to shave.

11. It’s really hard to shower in Europe without getting anything less than 7 gallons of water on the bathroom floor.

Yeah, I’m gonna need a little more glass, here… 

11. I’m lucky to live the life I get to live!


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