so, this happened…

So, this happened yesterday…

Child: Can you tell me what she [teacher] means about hanging indents and double-spacing?

Me: Sure. See, when you get your works cited list from…

Child looks away and begins having extended chat with the young woman who is far, far more attractive than I… Extended chat continues to extend…

Child: Hey, you’re not helping me…

Me: What do you mean? [Sips hot coffee]

Child: You were helping me with my works cited then you just left to get coffee in the back.

Me: Well, you were chatting with ______ so I figured I had time ‘cuz I needed my coffee and my world doesn’t revolve around you, you know…? Are you ready now?

Kid laughs…


I got hugged by Kindergarten kids after borrowing time on Monday and I got ignored by a high school kid mid-sentence on Friday…

I love my job because it’s more than a job. It’s an adventure!


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