when the reasoning underpinning a piece is truly bullsh*t…

The LA Times recently published two letters to the editor in response to a piece that was, apparently, about the Internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII. I did not read the original piece, but I didn’t need to.

Note the reasoning. I am betting that you will see variations on it when someone inevitably proposes a registry for Muslim-Americans…

Steve Hawe argues in his letter:

  1. Japanese-Americans were “helped” or “kept safe” by being put behind barbed wire.
  2. There are so many of them that it was necessary for efficiency’s sake.
  3. “Staying out of the way and not causing complications”  was the “job” assigned to Japanese-Americans.

Dick Venn argues that:

4. Japanese-Americans were actually fortunate because America was super nice and awesome to its own CITIZENS and did not slaughter Japanese-Americans like the Japanese slaughtered Filipinos in their captured lands. [I’m totally serious that is his reasoning… Totally ignoring the fact that MOST OF THEM WERE AMERICAN CITIZENS. I guess he assumes that if your eyes are slanty you just cannot possibly be a real American, but he didn’t explicitly say so, so that’s just an inference on my part.]

You can read the full letters via the LA Times




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