on SRA Cards …

If you are a person of a certain age, you might remember SRA cards. I recently came across this post by Audrey Watters about her experience with SRA Cards: A History of Programmed Instruction and Personalization. Audrey, apparently, was a good reader as a child and found the SRA “lab” tedious and boring, but I have very fond memories of “SRA time.”  I wasn’t a very good reader in elementary school and perhaps that is why I didn’t find the reading tedious and boring.  I was able to read the cards and then go on to the next thing. One real possibility is that I remember that it was one of the few times that I felt confident when we had to read.  I think another possibility is that, like many boys, I liked reading non-fiction, but back in the day almost all of the reading that we got to do in elementary school was fiction.

Anyway, thanks for this blast from the past, Ms. Watters!  I don’t think that I ever got to the top ranked color. I have this weird recollection of reading in the “silver-blue” cards, but that might be a totally random, made up memory.

Were you SRA readers?


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