on working with the littlies …

One of the things I’m thoroughly enjoying about my new job is working on a campus with littlies. I started out as an elementary teacher and over the first thirteen years of my career, had the opportunity to teach the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades. I spent the last twelve years working as a “middle school” (but it was actually 7th, 8th, and 9th graders) librarian. Believe me, all kids no matter their ages, will surprise you daily. The little ones, though … They will surprise you in ways that will put a smile on your face for the better part of a day!

This morning I was feeling quite good about myself so I wore my pair of fancy maroon khaki pants to school. I was walking through the parking lot when one of our high schoolers offered me a nice morning greeting as we passed each other. As they passed behind me, his much younger sibling who was probably in the first or second grade asked quite earnestly, “Hey, why was that teacher wearing pajama pants to school?!?!?”

You know, the thing is that after he said that, I thought, “Hey yeah … These kind of do look like PJs!”


After teaching two research and citation lessons with some frosh history classes in the library, I sat down for some lunch and couldn’t stop laughing about it!

Just one of the reasons that teaching is awesome!

Picture of pants
My fancy PJ pants!

It’s a lot harder to take a picture of your own pants than you’d think … I’m just saying …

And that also reminds me about the time years ago when I was teaching second graders. I got my hair cut over the weekend. When I opened the door at 7:30 on Monday morning, two of my girls walked in.  The first one said, “Hi Mr. Wee. You got a haircut! Awww, it looked a lot better before …” as she breezed past me on the way to her seat.  The little girl who was with her added reassuringly, “It’s okay though ’cause it’ll grow back …”

There’s nothing to be done, but laugh because 7-year olds aren’t being mean. They’re just being honest …


Super Cuts!!!



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