on getting jing-y with it …

My 7th graders are learning about word processing.  We’ve surveyed Word, Pages, and Google Docs and now we’re focusing on some of more “esoteric” (well … at least for 7th graders) features of Word.  They’ll be using all of the tools in Word to create an HW-opoly game board and game pieces to pull all of the aspects of the unit together.  Each student was assigned a feature in Word to teach to the rest of the class.  At the last minute, I decided to have them use Jing to create screencast tutorials of their Word-based tasks.  It turned out to be a GREAT lesson!

We got an introduction to Jing by watching this tutorial on Your First Caputure in Jing.

We watched a Jing-created screencast on Jing Installation and Use that, I think, was created by a high school student.

And we launched into the world of screencasting!

My kids did an amazing job!

Take a look at Kimberley’s Tutorial on Tables.  Pretty awesome stuff if you ask me!

Click on the image to see some of the other tutorials as well!


Tutorials linked on the Thinglink page will be available for students to refer to as they complete their project.  After watching this tutorial on embedding from Screencast.com, each student also embedded their tutorial in their personal blogs which ended up being some great practice with HTML.  We had learned some very basic HTML coding in our Technology Basics unit.  When kids pasted the embed code into Blogger, their embedded videos were wider than the width of the space allowed in the templates they were using.  I was really thrilled that they collectively looked at the code and figured out that they needed to adjust the height and width settings so they figured out how to proportionally reduce the size of videos so they fit into the space they had.

It was a great way to send my kids off for winter break.

Happy holidays, everyone!!!


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