on literally …

literallyTeaching 7th graders is an adventure!  Yesterday I introduced screencasting to my class.  We watched an introductory video on Jing. Talked about screencasting. Watched a second screencast created (by a high school student, I think) in Jing on how to download and install Jing. Downloaded and installed Jing , then I gave them their task and set them free to do their thing.

We are learning about word processing.  I know it sounds basic, but you’d be surprised how many of my 12 year old digital natives do not know how to make a document double-spaced; aligned left, aligned right, or centered; or how to add a header to a document.  Each student was given a simple aspect word processing to share and they were tasked with creating a very short screencast tutorial that explains how to do their thing in Word.  As I explained the task a girl raised her hand and asked, “Do we have to talk in our screencast?”

I replied, “If you can figure out a way to communicate the instruction clearly with out talking, then go for it.”

Ten seconds later, a boy raised his hand and asked, “Do we have to talk in our screencast?”

The 7th grade girl chimed in, “Dude, I literally just asked that question. And when I say “literally” I mean it with the literal meaning of “literally!”  Bwahahaha!!!

The boy laughed, looked over at me and said, “So, do we have to talk in the video?”

Me: “Ask her …”

Girl: “I’m not telling you!”

Whole class: Bwahahaha!!!

I love 7th graders!!!


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