on the square peg …

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by rosipaw

I started teaching twenty-six years ago.

I realized the other day, that in twenty-six years I have never ever spent a year teaching in a school where the majority of my teaching colleagues shared my educational philosophy. I’ve always had kindred spirits to huddle with for company, but never for a day in my career (thirteen years in public schools and, now, thirteen years in an independent school) have I taught in a place where constructivist learning in any of its many possible forms was the prevailing theory of learning underpinning the experiences that children lived in their lives at schools where I’ve worked.

That’s a long time to be an outlier.

Thinking about it makes me sad.

I’m tired.


2 thoughts on “on the square peg …

    1. There are days when I wonder if some of our colleagues would recognize “contructivism” as an educational term. I just don’t think it is even a learning paradigm that is on some people’s radars. Don’t get me wrong, here too, some of them are really good at teaching their content. They just approach “learning” very differently than I.

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