on the awesomeness that is middle school …

spotThere are days when I feel old and jaded and burned out, but when push comes to shove I really think I have one of the BEST JOBS EVER!!!

Here’s a sampling (and this is just from today).  At Monday assembly this morning, our new Head of Campus stood and got everybody’s attention.  When we began the new semester, he had given a rousing “locker room” half-time talk to our kids about the inspiration that is a late-in-the-game comeback.  “If your academic year hasn’t been all that you had hoped it would be or all that you promised yourself it would be, now is the time to make a comeback to set yourself up to finish well or to build momentum for next year!!!  And if you’ve been playing well, let’s remember, that there’s nothing quite so painful as snatching defeat from the jaws of victory because you took your eyes off the ball and stopped doing the little things that put you in a winning position in the first place …”  Our Head is a young, funny, bright, former Princeton football player and coach so he really does know how to give a half-time talk to his team.  Today, however, he got up and started, “Back at the beginning of the third quarter, I got up here and gave you some reminders about finishing well.  It occurs to me that this is probably a good time for a reminder …” after which he broke into song with lyrics about meeting with your teachers, cleaning up your locker, recycling your books, etc.  The lyrics were set to One Day More from Les Miz and as he sang, one-by-one, teachers came out from the wings and the audience and joined him in song.  The kids went absolutely BONKERS!!!  They ended with a standing ovation from 700 screaming 7th, 8th, and 9th graders.  Leaving assembly, kids were heard to say, “Teachers putting on a musical … This is the best school ever!”

Well, that’s hard to top, but this afternoon in my 8th grade debate class, we were working on a project identifying logical fallacies in media when one of my boys ran out of the room.  He returned to explain that he was chewing on a pen that then exploded and flooded his mouth with black ink. He stuck his (very black) tongue out and asked if he could, “Go to the school store to try to by a toothbrush and some toothpaste to clean his mouth out.”

What can one say to that but, “Uh … Yeah … Look dude, that’s WAY more important that logical fallacies right now!!!”

I mean, singing teachers and mouths flooded with ink!!! Holy @#$% it just doesn’t get much better than that, huh?



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