on changing one’s information diet …

Between the fiscal cliff; the debt ceiling debate; the Newton shootings, and the subsequent gun control debate; and finally the hypocritical craziness of members of Congress like Representative Steven Palazzo who six months ago bragged about Federal aid being delivered to his Mississippi district only to then vote against aid to victims of Super Storm Sandy, the news has been so utterly depressing that I’ve decided to go on a news diet and significantly reduce my consumption of the copious amounts depressing horribleness that is typically part of my information diet.

I’ve decided that watching as many Ted Talks as possible in place of the horribleness of mainstream news would be a much better way to nurture my mental health.  So far this week I’ve watched three wonderful Ted Talks.

Amy Cuddy gives a wonderful talk about how your body language shapes who you are.  Her concept that your body language speaks not only to those around you, but even more importantly to YOURSELF is one that I would really like to share with my students at some point!

Carolyn Steel gave an absolutely fascinating talk about how food and access to food has historically been one of humanity’s most influential organizing principles and one of the principle ways cities came to develop.  I’d love to see our 8th grade history teachers explore some of the possibilities that this talk offers!

Finally,  Kent Larson gave a really interesting talk about how innovations to design can make our cities more livable and viable even as they grow in size and density.  Great stuff!


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