on old school, old school, old school, or maybe just old …

'iPod touch Screens' photo (c) 2009, Linus Gil - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

My mom is 87 years young and, thankfully, she’s still thriving!  She’s got an active social life (more active than mine, frankly …); she’s got an awesomely HUGE HDTV; and she has a cell phone. Now, my mom says clearly that she has enough technology in her life and she doesn’t need or want to learn anything more about her technology.  As an example, she uses her cell phone to make calls out and she takes calls on her cell phone, but she doesn’t know or want to know how to use the contacts/address book feature.  She carries our phone numbers around on a Post-it note pad–go figure.  She also doesn’t take messages on her cell phone so I had to get my siblings to change her outgoing message to, “Grace does not take messages at this number. Please leave a message for her on her home phone.” LOL! The thing is, that for an 87 year old woman, she’s right! She has all the technology she really needs and she knows all of the essential things to know about the technology she has.  Facebook photos from my niece in Ohio get shared with mom third hand and that’s fine as well.

So what does this have to do with the world of the library?  Well … This school year, we have rolled out a new institutional content management system, Instructure Canvas; we have rolled out a new library management system, Follett Destiny; we have finally become a Google Apps for Education school; and we are in the process of rolling out the new interface for Noodletools.  The reality of the situation is that it is exciting and really not TRULY overwhelming, but emotionally … I’m exhausted and I feel like my mom.  I have enough technology and I’m tired of learning about all of it.  I’m technology fatigued.  It could also be that I have very little self-control when it comes to my technology. I realized that one day when I had the TV, my laptop, my iPhone, and my iPad all on in front of me at the same time.  That’s just STUPID!!! LOL!!!

On top of that, we are in the throes of exploring one-to-one devices that will be rolled out with students next year. I’m guessing that it’ll be an iPad, but I might end up being surprised in the end.  I forgot to mention that we have a new Head of Middle School, a new Head up Upper School, a new Director of Athletics, and next year we’re getting a new President. Whew!!!

I know that lifelong learning is now that way of the world, but even as someone who loves learning and loves technology, it just seems like enough for a while.  Time to take a step back and a deep breath … Then dive in and write a blog post about feeling overwhelmed … and tweet the link to the post to my followers (all 7 of them) … and maybe post the link to the post to the librarians’ listserv … and perhaps the other librarians’ ning … But probably not my Facebook wall … And why is everybody moving to Tumblr? … And why does Google keep wanting to make all of my passwords linked together, since, clearly I created them so that they would be separate … And why does this password have to have a capital AND a number? …



One thought on “on old school, old school, old school, or maybe just old …

  1. Um! I’m right there with you! I feel old but I am feeling too inundated by all the information and knowledge and tools coming at me. I think, I will really start embracing being unplugged…though probably not since I’ll post instagram photos from where ever I decide to go…LOL

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