on google docs and group work …

As a kid I hated group projects where one or two of us did all of the work and everybody got the same grade. In my debate class with eighth graders, students work in teams of three to build proposition and opposition outlines on resolutions that they debate in class. In semesters past, I’ve had to rely on anonymous peer evaluations to help me assure that each of the members of each team pulled his or her weight in the debate prep research.  In a head smacking, how-could-I-not-have-thought-of-this-years-ago, aha moment, I realized this morning that what I should really be doing to supplement my anonymous peer evaluations is to use the “see revision history” function in Google Docs to monitor what each of the kids is contributing.  Is Jack in the back of the room contributing content to the outline or is he just changing the document fonts to Webdings over and over again as eighth graders are wont to do from time to time?

Anyway, Google Docs, how I love thee!


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