on digital natives, part deux …

I’ve written about the mythology of “digital natives” before, I know.  I can’t resist another go ’round today though because, well, the whole “digital native” thing was obviously put forth by people who haven’t worked much with those who are purported to be … “digital natives.”

Let me just say before I begin, though, that my kids are incredibly bright, wonderful young adults.  They TRULY are.  They’re more world-aware and academically advanced than I could have ever hoped to be as a middle schooler.  That being said, though …

In my 8th grade debate class this morning, we had a debate.  I always have a student act as videographer using a Flip cam on a little table-top tripod.  I post the debate speeches on my course Moodle page so they can watch themselves and engage in some guided self-evaluation.

Using a Flip camera amounts to pressing a red button when the person starts talking, pressing the red button when the person stops talking, then pressing it again when the next person starts.  Here’s the thing, the wonderful young lady who I gave the camera to CUT EVERY SPEAKER OFF AT THE FOREHEAD!!!

WTF?!?!?!? REALLY?!?!?!?  LOL!!!

I mean, all you have to do is bend the springy leg thing to get people’s head in the frame!!!

Digital natives … They just adapt to the creation process because its part of their information eco-system … blah, blah, blah … HAH!!! I think NOT!!!

A second “digital native” came by the circ desk. This time a seventh grader.  He had borrowed a digital camera and inserted the SD card UPSIDE DOWN!!!

It wasn’t a big deal.  A pair of pliers took care of the issue, but the next time someone argues that kids don’t need help or support with technology because they are … “digital natives.” I’m going to have a few stories to tell …

Just because kids are native speakers of English doesn’t mean that they don’t benefit from instruction in English classes.  Why is technology so different???


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