on things overheard …

Photo courtesy: Berndt Meyer

When you work in a middle school library, you overhear some really hilarious things.  Some of the most memorable things that I’ve overheard over the years:

Librarian: “STOP BLOWING THE VIKING HORN!!! You, you need to pack up your things and leave now!”

Photo courtesy: mpclemens

Student with assignment given two weeks ago: “I need some help finding a primary source.”
Librarian: “Why did you wait until the last minute?”
Student (in all seriousness): “It’s not last minute, it’s not due until tomorrow …”

Photo licensed via: Britannica Image Quest

Student 1: “If you weren’t Jewish, what religion do you think you’d be?”
Student 2: “Hmmmmm … I think maybe Buddhist because from what we’re learning, they seem to be the only religion that hasn’t tried to conquer everybody else.”
Me: “Wait, how old are you again?”

Photo licensed via: Britannica Image Quest

Student 1 on October 21st which some predicted to be the end of the world: “So … I’m pretty much prepared for a zombie apocalypse, but really … How do I prepare for the end times? What do I pack?”

There are others that I’m sure I’ll think of eventually.  Middle schoolers … You just’ve got to love ’em!!!


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