on information technology …

I had a chance to present some information technology tools and do some library PR at our first monthly faculty meeting.  Thankfully, it went over much better than I had thought it would.  I shared three really simple tools:

Safeshare.tv– Quickly removes advertisements, related video links, and other distracting clutter from Youtube videos.  It will also allow you to create a link to send to students with just a specific section of a longer video.


Readability – Does the same thing as Safeshare.tv, with web pages and documents allowing teachers to remove clutter from content and adjust fonts, column, widths, and print sizes as appropriate.


Wordle– Though Wordle has been around for a while, we haven’t used it for much beyond creating decorations for bulletin boards.  We demonstrated using word clouds to compare different kinds of information by taking the texts of different Presidents’ States of the Union Addresses to see what the major issues concerning the nation were at different times.  Teachers got pretty excited about the idea! The dance teacher hopes to use it to represent concepts and themes that come up in brainstorming sessions with her dancers and an English teacher plans to have students create word clouds with the essays to see what themes emerge.  I’m pretty psyched about the response so far!

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