on middle school real estate …

Photo courtesy: Wired_gr

We’re just finishing our first full week of school.  I teach a library and technology class for seventh graders (my sevies) where one of the things we’re trying to raise kids’ awareness about is the size of their “digital footprints.”  As part my introduction to blogging, I had my sevies write their first online reflective journals on my Moodle page. 

How was your first week of school? What surprised you about being a Wolverine? Has the experience been overwhelming?  Underwhelming?  What have you learned?  Which classes are you enjoying most?  What kinds of anxieties are you feeling?  What’s the best thing about school?

As we are a 7-12 school all of our seventh graders are new.  Interestingly, the “exciting thing” that merited comment from sevies most often was … Having a locker!!!

I would have guessed our athletic facilities or our computer labs or the recording studios in the music rooms, but … It was all about having a locker.  When you think about it, 12-year old people really don’t have much real estate outside of their homes.  Their lockers are really the only private spaces they have in their newly independent lives in middle school. 

Even after ten years, these middle school kids still surprise me!  It makes work exciting every day!


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