on the labschool@punahou …

I just completed the second day of a really amazing conference–The 2011 Technology Lab School@Punahou.  The Lab School is a gathering of educators interested in integration and implementation of technology into school curriculum and incorporates large group keynote speeches, small group cohort discussions based on different themes/interests, and informal workshops and roundtable discussion groups.  The themes change from year-to-year, but this year the cohort themes included:

  • 3D Visualization and Fabrication
  • 21st-Century Classroom Tools: Interactive Whiteboards
  • Mobile Technology: Using iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and iOS in Education 
  • Media and Digital Ethics
  • Games and Play

I signed on to participate in the Media and Digital Ethics cohort and my colleague Anna signed up to sit in on the Mobile Technology cohort.  So far the presentations and the cohort discussions have been amazing.  In our cohort discussion on digital ethics today, I got so caught up in the discussion that I, unfortunately, didn’t do a very good job of sitting back and letting others jump into the fray.  I’ll work to get a grip on my big mouth and my very strong opinions at our session on Friday so others can get a few words in edgewise and dive into the fray as well.  I forget that people in Hawaii just aren’t as verbally aggressive as I’ve become accustomed to being.  When in Rome …

The Technology Lab School is held every summer.  If you ever get the chance to participate, jump at it.  It’s a two week program and we’re only heading into day three, but even at this point, I’m pretty comfortable saying that I’d be surprised if most educators with an interest in technology didn’t find the experience supremely satisfying!  

More to come!


    One thought on “on the labschool@punahou …

    1. Hi Dave! So happy to have met you and Anna, and I too have really been inspired to think about stuffs. Your contributions were awesome to discussion…I'm the one needing to shut up…must be by years away from the Hawaii-Rome and in the Gladiator arena of NYC (which must stand for Never You Chaddup!) lol. Anyway, I'll be sent along to another cohort on Monday, so peace and quiet will remain. Have a fantastic weekend! I love your blog…and YA fiction. most recently our librarian told me to read Marcelo in the nighttime…..enjoyed immensely.

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