on bright futures and lots of hope …

Skyphoto © 2006 Will Powell | more info (via: Wylio)

Just got back from a fantastic middle school assembly with Congressman Brad Sherman.  The Congressman, who has a great self-deprecating sense of humor gave some nice opening remarks, then just opened the floor for questions in a town hall meeting type of format.  With an audience of 7th-9th grade students, you never REALLY know exactly what you are going to get when you invite kids to ask questions at open mikes around a room, but boy did our kids deliver today!!!  Great questions all around!!!

9th grade girl: “Given the events of the past few weeks, how do you see the the future of U.S. foreign policy evolving with regard to Pakistan?”

7th grade boy: “How are committee assignments assigned in Congress?”

9th grade boy: “Can you address the change that has occurred in President Obama’s foreign policies over the past two years?”

8th grade girl: “How are bills actually passed in Congress?” (Which the Congressman properly took to mean, “beyond the process we learn about in 7th grade Civics …”).

7th grade boy: “Why is it that the U.S. chose not to release photos of Osama Bin Laden’s body?”

7th grade boy: “Can you speak to the U.S.’s policy toward the emerging democracies in Egypt and Syria?”

The Congressman was really great about knowing how to speak to a young audience.  Like so many assemblies where our kids sing, play instruments, dance, show their films, talk about their community service projects … I was left thinking, “What the heck was I doing when I was 13?  I wasn’t doing THAT!!!

When you really get to know teenagers they can sometimes make you scratch your head and/or make you crazy, but most of the time …. They make you proud and give you hope for the future!!!

Man … I have such a good job!!!

Addendum 1: A 7th grader just came and asked, “Hi, do we have Gone with the Wind and also … The Communist Manifesto?” Wha??!??!?  LOL!!!


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