on hashtag #grumpylibrarian …

Reading roomphoto © 2010 Aparna E. | more info (via: Wylio)

I need to change my screen name to Grumpylibrarian!

Yes people, I have a bun (metaphorically).

I WILL shushhh you!!! Inside voices, please!!!

You know where to find the tape, put it back!!!

This  is not your bedroom so when you use communal supplies, put them back!!!

Seriously, I have say these things to you explicitly?!?!?!

Editor’s Note: Really, I don’t expect my library patrons to work in silence, but as this is a library, blowing a big blue Viking horn, “speaking” to each other in a volume appropriate to being in the fifth row at a Rolling Stones concert, or leaving your sweaty P.E. clothes on a library table while you go off to class for four periods … all not okay!!! 


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