on second chances … !

Bloglines lives on!!! Bloglines lives on!!! I am so very thrilled to have just learned that my favorite RSS reader which was scheduled to be put to rest on November 1st, has been given a second chance at life. This is most wonderful news. A good web-based feed reader is, apparently, not easy to find … And yes, I have tried Google Reader … And no, it was not love at first sight, or second sight, or even third …

It would seem that Bloglines is the one for me (at least for now) …

clipped from www.bloglines.com
clipped from www.bloglines.com

We’re happy to announce that Ask.com has entered into an agreement with MerchantCircle to keep Bloglines up and running! That means your news feeds will remain available (with your same password) indefinitely. Ask.com will maintain the current Bloglines service as-is until at least December 1, 2010 after which the service will transition wholly to MerchantCircle.

You can read more detail about MerchantCircle and its plans for the service at the MerchantCircle blog and the Ask.com blog.

Stay tuned for an email coming soon that will provide more information. In the meantime, please continue to check back here for updates, or send an email to bloglines@merchantcircle.com.

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