on monday assembly with terry pratchett …

Our “All Community Read” book this year was the novel, Nation, by Sir Terry Pratchett. On Monday, we had an all campus assembly where the All Community Read Committee (basically three hard working co-workers) arranged for Sir Terry Pratchett to answer questions from 7th, 8th, and 9th graders, and members of the faculty and staff that had read the novel. Due to health concerns, Sir Terry, apparently no longer travels much, but he connected into our assembly via telephone and he was broadcast through the sound system as a series of images of him scrolled slowly by on a large screen on stage. As you can probably imagine, the event had the potential to be a deadly boring affair … an author droning on and on about his writing on a phone line from the U.K. as 700+ middle school kids fidgeted for an hour, but … IT WAS GREAT!!!

I have to say, Sir Terry is one author with enough charisma to hold the attention of an auditorium full of kids. It was amazing!

Different students came up to a microphone and posed their questions about the book to Sir Terry and, wow, their questions were quite fantastic!

Yay for our kids!!!

Yay to the Committee!!!

Yay to Sir Terry!!!

Yay for readers and reading!!!


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