on crowds …

Our Tech Center is PACKED!!! We have forty-five computers available and forty of them are being used. Kids are working in groups using Movie Maker to edit together videos, images, and narrations in Spanish; writing up science labs that incorporate Excel graphs; researching current events from foreign countries for history; and word processing English and history papers.

The majority of questions I deal with are about writing citations for databases, trouble shooting Movie Maker file management issues, and how to set data up in Excel in order to be able to chart the data in a particular way. We’ve come a long way with use of technology, but kids still are not nearly as “technologically literate” as most people who don’t work with kids in a computer lab think (including many classroom teachers). The kids I work with are quite versatile with Facebook (though I disagree with many of their privacy choices, but then I’m old …). Some of our very “techie” kids sometimes don’t know how to do very basic things in terms of productivity. Playing with technology doesn’t always overlap with using technology to work.

I think that the whole digital native thing is a bunch ‘o crap!


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