on more cloudiness …

Do you see cloudiness in the forecast at all?

I’m not so sure that education can make a transition to the cloud anytime soon. Seeing how schools have dealt with change for over twenty years as an educator makes me wonder how companies change so effectively. How, for example, does a company like IBM go from being largely, a producer of room sized computers; to being a producer of desktops and laptops; to being a company that produces no desktops or laptops, but one that sells a ton of services, in a period of less than thirty years?

Based on my experience I can’t imagine a school changing like that.

Do you think your school could move to the cloud?

Beyond just the technical, what would it take for your teaching faculty to be ready to exploit new capability and teach in ways that they couldn’t with just some paper and a few pens?

I’m really wondering!

Cloud-Based, Open-Source Future For Teachers?

teaching_tech_0310.jpgA computing device for every teacher and student so they can access the Internet at school or at home? That, along with an embrace of cloud computing, Creative Commons, and open-source technologies is part of a new set of recommendations from the U.S. Department of Education.

On March 5, the department released an 80-page draft of its National Educational Technology Plan entitled Transforming Education: Learning Powered by Technology. The plan lays out an ambitious agenda for transforming teaching and learning through technology.

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