on new ideas with michael king …

I had the nice fortune to get invited to a talk given by Mr. Michael King who serves as “…worldwide leader for the IBM Education Industry with responsibility for strategy, marketing and sales across schools and higher education.” Mr. King’s presentation raised a number of interesting ideas about technology in schools, but what what captured my interest most of all were two questions that were raised at the very end of the session.

  • What does IBM look for in smart graduates?
  • What does IBM do in order to foster creativity in it’s workforce?

I think two books I’ve been reading of late were most influential in bringing me down this line of questioning. I recently finished Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky and I’m currently about half way through Drive by Daniel Pink. Both books deal, each in their own way, with what motivates people.

I guess what I find interesting in all of this is how does an institution (like my school) foster an environment where teachers can be enabled to think and behave creatively and in turn how do we as educators enable students to think and behave creatively?

Any ideas out there?


2 thoughts on “on new ideas with michael king …

  1. I have not yet read those books, but I think teachers and students need time to play in order to be creative. Do your teachers have enough free time? Somehow I doubt it. Maybe we need to institute playtime for adults. Doesn't Google encourage its workers to have outside interests/projects that the carve out time for at work? I think I heard about that somewhere – maybe that is a model of "playtime" that could work.

  2. Daniel Pink makes that exact point! Google and other forward thinking "motivation 3.0" corporations encourage employees to work on solving problems/developing products that are of interest to them even if it falls outside their official responsibilities. Gmail and Google Voice are products that, apparently, were born through this process!

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