on smarter and smarter phones …

I guess an imperative upgrade from my ancient Motorola Razr is over the horizon … JUST over the horizon. My old, old Cingular plan is so crazy cheap that I haven’t wanted to touch it in order to be able to text more easily and browse the web on the fly, but it gets harder and harder to hold out.

clipped from consumerist.com

United Airlines Begins Offering Digital Boarding Passes


In a move to cut down on paper and ID fraud, United Airlines has announced passengers can now opt out of paper boarding passes and have digital boarding passes sent to their Internet-ready phones.

Much like the paper passes, the digital ones will have a barcode that can be scanned at the gate. Passengers will still be required to show their ID, along with the digital pass, when passing through security.

In addition to saving a bunch of trees, United believes that the digital option will make it more difficult to fake a boarding pass. They also hope that it will decrease the amount of time spent in line at both security and at the gate.

What do you think? Will digital barcodes do anything to reduce the amount of time you spend in line?

Paperless Boarding Pass Coming For United Flyers [The Denver Channel]

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