on multitasking 2.0 …

I finally caved and set up a Facebook account. I resisted the Facebook movement for as long as I possibly could, but when your eighty-five year old uncle asks if you have you have a Face place you know that a platform’s time has most definitely come and resistance is futile. The thing is, though, that now I have a Twitter account, a Vox blog, a Blogger blog, a work email account, a spam/shopping email account, an AOL email account, a Bloglines reader, and Facebook account.

Geez … No wonder kids don’t have much time to read anymore. When you think about it, it shouldn’t be any surprise that I’ve been in a bit of a YA reading slum!

How am I supposed to squeeze it all in? How do you juggle watching your Netflix DVDs; checking the wide variety of communications spaces on the net; and getting through all those episodes of House Hunters International, Sarah’s House, Ugly Betty, How I Met Your Mother, PBS News Hour, Frontline, Big Bang Theory, and Property Virgins??? How???

Entertainment isn’t supposed to be this stressful is it?


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