on more name calling …

Oh my! This whole, “What are we? What should we be called” issue in the ‘berry world has some kind of LEGS!!! People are STILL talking about it!!! A ‘berrian pal over at the Archipelago Blog ran a post on the issue yesterday.

I do have to say, it is amazing to work at a school where we don’t have to go to the mat and fall on our swords over whether we’re called “school librarians” or “teacher librarians” or “librarians” or heaven forbid, “school library media specialist.”

Intellectually, I realize that there are many people out ther for whom this matters greatly, but I read all of this and I can’t help thinking, “Geez … Let’s all un-knot our undies and talk about stuff that really matters.” In my case something that really matters would be, “Why on Earth would our Computer Services Department set up the computers in our labs so that they cannot play DVDs? Why should it be SO HARD to show a clip of a demonstration debate to my class??? WHY??? … WHY???”

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I know that in the scope of all things this is a small and rather trivial battle to fight and I guess that it is a good sign that I spend my time and energy fighting small trivial battles because it means I’m not fighting big ones over budget and staffing cuts that most librarians out there face.

But back to the “what are we?” thing … I guess what I don’t get is why “librarian” should be the same as “old fashioned.” When people say “doctor” they don’t think of some dude sticking a leech on your head because you have a headache. Why? Because people see what “doctors” do and see that modern doctors use fancy ‘puters and stuff and then they associate “doctors” with modern medicine. If “doctors” kept chaning there name from “doctor” to “extra superb modern healer” to “fancy pharma technician” every few years, of course the public would be rather confused about what the heck it is that they do …

For the record, then, I’m a “librarian” and I like being a librarian.

So I ask again, “Why is it that I can’t play a DVD for my class in our computer labs??? WHY???”



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