on things that surprise …

We teach some EXTREMELY amazing kiddos. They program their own online games. They write, produce, and direct their own films. They perform at the Coachella Music Festival. They run the light and sound boards in our auditorium. They (some at least) take calculus in the eighth grade. They create an award winning student magazine. The list of things they do goes on and on and on.

Even after nine years in a middle school, though, the things that they don’t know and the things that they can’t figure out on their own surprise me all the time. I once had to help three incredibly academically gifted Frosh who were trying to feed a hardcover book through the document feeder of the photocopy machine! After looking at our display during Banned Book Week one year some very agitated seventh graders approached me wanting to know why the librarians wanted to ban all those good books! This morning I watched three eighth graders puzzle over how to open the drawer of a filing cabinet (the cabinet was unlocked, but has a thumb operated latch)!

I realize that all of this shouldn’t surprise me since 12-14 years on the planet really isn’t a whole lot of time to learn all there is to know about living in the everyday world, but … It still is a kick in the pants and is one of the best parts of a job in a school library!!!


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