on sad for my country …

Today has left me feeling so very sad for my country.

A virtual brush fire broke out on Lm_Net over President Obama’s planned speech to the Nation’s students next week. Apparently, some schools with plans to have students watch the speech plan to send forms home allowing parents the option to have their children “opt out” of watching the speech.

On a very basic level the very fact that schools and parents (even if they most vehemently disagree with the President’s policies) would feel compelled to keep their children from listening to an address by the leader of their country is sad. I didn’t much care for the policies of George W. Bush, but if he was going to address the nation’s students, I would have had my students watch the address and, indeed, if I had children of my own I’d want to have them watch the President’s address. What made the whole situation even worse, however, is that professional librarians allowed the emotion of the current political landscape engulf them and a virtual barroom brawl broke out over the thread. I mean, if professional librarians posting to a professional listserv with very clearly defined posting guidelines, are unable to engage in a sensible and thoughtful discussion about watching a sitting President’s speech to the the Nation’s students what is the hope that we can have any kind of meaningful discourse about the myriad “real” problems facing the Nation?

What is there to hope for?

The sadness only got worse when I came across this post at the “Blogging Like I’ve Never Blogged Before” blog. Mike Toole’s post and video is incredibly interesting, but incredibly saddening as well …

Can there be any room for a centrist at a health care reform town hall meeting

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