just finished …

Paper Towns—John Green

Quentin Jacobsen is one of those high school guys who is neither the most popular jock in school nor a social outcast. He’s just a regular high school guy enjoying high school with his friends. Quentin has spent a lot of his youth, though, loving the adventurous and magnificent girl next door—Margo Roth Spiegelman who Quentin has known since they were mere children. One night, late in senior year, Margo Roth Spiegelman reenters Quentin’s life, literally, when she climbs through the window of his bedroom dressed as a ninja and presses him into accompanying her on an ingenious campaign of revenge. After their all night adventure, Quentin is filled with hope that a relationship with the girl he has spent so much time loving from afar could actually become a reality, when Margo disappears without a word or explanation of any kind. As is her way, though, the enigmatic Margo has left Quentin a set of clues that he is sure will lead him to her and with that, Quentin heads of on his adventure to find the girl next door.

A very entertaining read!


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