just finished …

Exposed–Susan Vaught

Chan Shealy is a high school junior and is a competitive twirler. During her sophomore year, Chan (short for Chandra) dated a skanky football player dude and ended up contracting a STD and a very unfortunate reputation. As a result, Chan is a bit of a social pariah at school. Other than her best friend Devin, there are few people at school who will give Chan the time of day, much less engage her socially outside of school. In desperation Chan turns to the Internet where she meets the boy of her dreams. She’s not an idiot, so she knows how to keep her private information private and she knows how to be safe about it so what could be the harm in a little online flirtation, right?

If you overlook the ABC After School Special important lesson feel of the first part of the book, Exposed turns into a pretty interesting page turner.


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