on new titles …

No, not current fiction or non-fiction as much as what we call ourselves–Librarian? Library Media Specialist? Chief Information Officer? Library God/GoddessThis (just about) annual thread always strikes me as a bit weird. I’m a “librarian” and I’ve always been a “librarian.”

I find it weird that as a profession we keep making ourselves into a moving target. A big part of the thread is that lots of people talk about how “people don’t know what librarians do.” So the solution is to keep changing what we call ourselves? Hmmmm … I think not!

Physicians call themselves “doctors.” When they started using x-ray machines in the course of their work, they didn’t feel compelled to change their titles to “X-ray Dudes” they just made use of x-ray technology an inherent and expected part of the practice of their work and what doctors did. I realize that physicians didn’t have to deal with Marion the Librarian in her bun making everybody be quiet stereotype, but at the same time we’ve tried the moving title stategy and it hasn’t exactly been a huge success, has it?

My vote is to stick with the tried and true “Librarian” and make it work … Though “Guybrarian” also has a nice ring to it, huh?


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