on knockin’ off the rust …

I shirked off my time monitoring our computer lab for a lot of the year. The very divine Ms. Scooter Kitty and I, more often than not, swapped our shifts – I’d stay at the circ desk and she’d cover my time in the lab. A colleague’s annoying comment pushed me to ask Ms. Scooter Kitty to go back to our official scheduling and what I’ve learned is that if you don’t use your technology skills REGULARLY your skills will go away … FAST!!! While I am no techie guru guy by any stretch of the imagination, I used to at least be fairly decent at trouble shooting hardware and software issues that came up in our labs. What I’m finding is that it’s taken a lot more energy than I’d expected to knock the rust off and get back up to speed.

Can’t find your narration file in Movie Maker? Um … Let me ask Ms. Scooter Kitty …

The computer won’t recognize you mic so you can record the dialog for your Chinese class? Um … Where is Ms. Scooter Kitty … ?

Geez … All of this newfangled technology … How do these kids do it nowadays? Wait … They’re asking ME for help so … Hmmm … They don’t know either, do they???

Growing up digital??? Hmmm???

What does it all mean anyway???


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