on tools …

This post is about tools (meaning web tools … not a colorful colloquialism for people who are rude or mean …). The weird thing is that I think that I have a bit of a reputation at school as being the “techie guy”, but the truth is that I’m a guy that tends to be very late to the technology parties in most cases. I got my first cell phone in 2003. I didn’t start blogging until, perhaps, two or three years ago, and I after hearing about Twitter and tweeting and twhatever else for year I finally signed up for a Twitter account yesterday.

Twittering or tweeting or twhatever I’m supposed to call it is a strange thing. The whole, “following” and “follower” thing is just so … stalker-like. I hope that the being a stalker and being stalked feeling goes away soon or I’m guessing that Twitter’ll be tbye-tbye soon …

Aside from Twitter I also happened upon this new thing called Flowgram. Flowgram is actually very cool. It works and looks very much like a Camtasia or Screentoaster (which, by the way was introduced to me by my 7th graders who liked it because it didn’t require any download at all which is very cool) or Jing kind of screencast, but rather than watching static screenshots turned into a movie, as you watch the Flowgram-cast (or whatever you call it) the narration runs over what are live websites so as the viewer you can scroll throught the site and even click on links on the page that’s being displayed.

Take a looksee at this demo:


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