on keeping your head …

Keeping your head during times of stress and annoyance is a very good thing. I’m not so good at that particular very good thing.

Last week our department head was off at the AISL (Association of Independent School Librarians) Conference in Las Vegas. Now the three librarians who stayed at work are all , in reality, perfectly capable of running our programs, but I really have to say that we just don’t do it with the same style that our head librarian does. Over the years I’ve come to figure out that a huge part of my success here at school is due to the fact that I’ve been managed extremely well by a boss who very intuitively knows what her employees’ strenghts and weaknesses are and how to manage us all with style and grace. When you work with a boss who knows what she’s doing and who you have confidence in, it’s calming …

Frankly, I don’t know how she does what she does. Our library staff is very team oriented. We sometimes have our “sibling squables,” but as a whole I’d say we’re a department that functions pretty damned well. Sometimes, there are other departments that we have to work with that … err … don’t always function with quite as much … err … “efficiency.”

Our head librarian was just gone from Tuesday through Friday, but by the end of the week I was ready to rally the villiagers and outfit our mob with pitchforks and torches in preparation for our foray out to burn and pillage the department down our multimillion dolllar walkway … gah!!! Why don’t these people get that education is ALL about the library and our needs??? I say again … gah!!!

As someone who has never had a desire to be a head librarian, library director, or department chair, be a boss of any kind I don’t get why people would want the job, but if you, like us, are lucky enough to work for a great department head, say thank you and buy them some alcohol because they’ve probably earned a cocktail by the time Friday rolls around. …

By the way … So … Is that picture just totally inappropriate??? LOL


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