on my new exciting discovery …

Have you ever heard of drop.io? It’s a site that offers users 100MB of free storage space for up to a year (longer, I think, if you are willing to pay-to-play that game).

One of the great things for middle school teachers, students, and librarians is that drop.io doesn’t require you to register for anything and never even asks for an email address. You choose a space name that is seven characters long or longer, add that to drop.io/ and the site creates what amounts to an online drive for you to access. You use your unique url to reach the files in your storage space or “drop.” Settings allow you to make your drop completely public or password protected and there are numerous options for setting permissions for visitors to your drop. Permissions can be set, for example, for visitors to be able to add to the drop, modify the items in the drop, or for read-only access.

One feature that I particulary like is that drop.io automatically creates an email address for your drop space. When you send an email with an attachment to your drop.io email address, the file automatically downloads to your space … You never have to open drop.io to add stuff to your drop!!!

How cool is that???


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