on how much is too much … ?

When it comes to information, how much is too much?

I just finished some spring cleaning of the feeds on my Bloglines aggregator. I was subscribing to 111 feeds on everything from general blogs, to teaching, to librarianship, to technology, to just random stuff that caught my eye. I didn’t start off with 111 feeds. The number just kind of grew organically over time. Over the last few months I came to the clear conclusion that somewhere along the line I crossed over my information threshold and that–111 was too many. One thing that I like about Bloglines is that it is every easy to group similar feeds together in folders. Over time I came to realize that the overwhelming volume of information that I was allowing to be pushed out to me caused me to click on whole groups of feed posts to clear them out even though I hadn’t read them. When I’m overwhelmed by anything, I tend to shut down and I dealt with the overwhelming amount of information by doing just that … Shutting it all down.

After my purge, I’m down to a still sizable 70 feeds. In the past, I’ve kept up with 70 feeds without getting overwhelmed so I’m going to go back to that number and live with it for a while.

How many RSS feeds do you subscribe to? Does your optimum number change over time depending on what’s happening in the rest of your life or is it pretty constant?

I also have packrat/hoarding tendancies so I find it easy to add feeds and much tougher to send them to the trash bin. How do you handle the dynamics of subscribing and un-subscribing?


One thought on “on how much is too much … ?

  1. You’re on my RSS aggregator! This was one of 319 unread items today – and I just marked ALL “read” the other day. I guess the thing I tend to do when I unsubscribe is to bookmark the link. That way the next time I clean out my bookmarks I’ll find it again and check it out again and see if I’m ready to resubscribe. Or more likely, I’ll think “oh, what’s this?” having completely forgotten that I’d ever subscribed! LOL

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