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Outliers: The Story of Success—Malcolm Gladwell

What causes the Bill Gates’ and Beatles of the world to become the standout success stories–the outliers of the world? That is the question that Malcolm Gladwell explores in the book Outliers. In a surprisingly quick and engrossing read, Gladwell explores the role that everything from the dates of our births, to the languages that we grow up speaking, to our cultural and religious backgrounds, to the times into which we are born, to the socioeconomic class of the families into which we are born, work in concert to create a confluence of talent, drive, and opportunity that create the outliers of our world. He argues that the Western concept of the “self-made man or woman” is just that–a myth. While we spend much time looking at and studying our world’s “outliers” perhaps we would be better served if we spent less time looking at them and more time looking “around” them in order to truly come to any kind of useful analysis of how the “successes” of the world come to be the successes that they are. This is a read that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who is a teacher, a parent, or anyone just hoping to understand themselves in a bigger context. A really great read!!!


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