on tag, you’re it … !

I’ve been keeping a personal blog for a few years now, but I’ve been a bad librarian/archivist with my blogging. In the three years that I’ve blogged, I’ve never taken the time to add tags to anything. Now, I’m very much a natural language keyword searching kind ‘o guy. I’m a bit like my middle school students in that I’ll almost always start my searching with natural language keywords then move on to subject searching and controlled vocabulary if I need to.

Yesterday, I finally figured out why one should add tags to one’s posts. Last year I wrote a series of posts about the people that inhabit the building where my condo in Hawaii is located. Thankfully, just about everyone in the building is really great and friendly, but there were two women who for some reason decided from moment one when I met them that they hated me. Now, I’m not into stereotypes, BUT (and you must have known that there was a BUT coming here) … These women happened to be quite “handsome” indeed.

I’ve digressed, but to make my question relevant I’m going to digress even further …

These two women fascinated me because they had two cars and just one assigned stall so for an entire summer, they left one car parked in a stall on the street fronting the building. The weird thing is that they would rotate their use of the cars and when they were going to use the car on the street they’d move their second car from the building lot onto the street in order to hold the space. Here’s the thing, THEY NEVER DROVE BOTH CARS AT THE SAME TIME yet one of the cars was BRAND NEW. It still had dealer plates on it. Why would you buy a second car just to leave it on the street???

Well, to make my ridiculously long story shorter, the angry (but handsome) women have since moved out. I was trying to find my archived posts because I wanted to write about the fact that they’re gone, when I realized that it was like finding a needle in a haystack and that it would have been a breeze had I given my posts an appropriate set of tags: angry, women, street parking, man hating lesbians? … You get the idea.

The problem with all of the this uncontrolled vocabulary tagging stuff though, is how the heck do ya’ll remember your tags? I suspect that I killed a few too many brain cells during my, euphemistically speaking, “experimental college years” so my memory is basically like nectar in a sieve. Therefore, here’s the long winded bottom line.

How you keep track of your tags?


2 thoughts on “on tag, you’re it … !

  1. I don’t. I just put logical tags after each post…or atleast logical to me and several of them like I don’t just put cat…I also add kitty, Winston, or bad boy in the hopes that months from now I will sorta remember one of them. That was probably no help.

  2. I think one of the great things about Blogger is that it keeps track of your tags and they automatically pop up when you decide to add a tag to your post. That’s the only way I can remember and also Flickr keeps a running widget in your stream if you choose to show it so that helps too.

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