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Two Parties, One Tux: And a Very Short Film About the Grapes of Wrath—Steven Goldman

What would you do if you were a high school junior with, really, just one good friend and one day that friend tells you he’s gay? That’s the predicament (well, one of the predicaments) that Mitchell Wells finds himself in when his best friend, David, tells him that he’s gay. Mitchell really is fine with his best friend being gay, but since David is not out to anyone else both of them agree to being fixed up with dates for the prom. Everything progresses swimmingly until one of the most popular girls in school (and Mitchell’s crush since the fifth grade) decides that Mitchell is an interesting guy and decides that they’re now dating. Yikes … Two dates … Just one prom …

On top of his dating drama, in an effort to avoid writing yet another standard five paragraph essay, this time, on the Grapes of Wrath, Mitchell decides to submit a claymation short he and David have created for an art class as is English “paper.” Unfortunately, some of the more religious members of the school community misinterpret Mitchell’s attempts at humor to be blasphemous and to make it even worse the minister leading the charge is the father of Mitchell’s new popular girlfriend!

Fun read that centers around a nicely realistic friendship between two guys, one of whom, happens to be gay.


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