on schizophrenic footprints …

There’s been a lot of discussion both in my place of work and online, recently, about the digital footprints the we leave out there in cyberspace.

Should teachers “friend” students on Facebook? Should content from someone’s Facebook page, MySpace page, Amazon wish list, or content from any part of their “digital footprint” preclude someone from getting hired to work in a middle school?

All of this discussion, apart from making my head feel like it is going to implode has made me come to the realization that it is time for me to go schizophrenic and draw the line between my professional and private selves online. I’ll never be Will Richardson and my writing will never be “professional” but I think that it’s time to have some separation between the online me that wants to vent and rant and have a place to share my deranged views on life and politics, and the online me that wants to connect with other middle school teachers and librarians.

So … Here I am world! I’m all dressed up in my grown-up shoes and collared shirt. Let’s take this grown-up blog out for a spin!


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